S*Park Condos and Townhomes has Denver EAGER for details…

August 08, 2016 / Posted in Condos, Denver, Developments, Downtown, Real Estate

SparkAerialAt the edge of Denver’s RiNo district, S*Park’s location at 26th and Lawrence has Denver residents and non-residents not just excited but overly CURIOUS.  Treehouse Denver, the exclusive Broker for S*Park, was willing to share some secrets about this beautiful, sustainable AND affordable new development and we are happy to report, you will not be disappointed.

The Name: S*Park
The S*Park (Sustainable Park) name came to life while researching the history of the land itself and ultimately became the inspiration behind each and every developmental decision. “The name Sustainability park goes back to the DHA Years: Where they created this, sort of, science-engineering-environmental lab and lots of people (from the community) participated out in these yards.  The history of the space was two different phases, reaching back to the 1940’s and the Affordable Housing Projects, both demolished in the past,” says Mike Moore, tres birds workshop, the exclusive architecture and general contractor for S*Park. The idea of taking the grassroots of the space and elevating them is the driving force behind the movement. The space has lent itself to being a staple for the community for several decades, and the trend doesn’t appear to be changing.

The Neighborhood: Curtis Park / RiNo
Just North of Downtown Denver is the city’s oldest residential neighborhood, Curtis Park, which dates back to 1871.  Diversity is the real name of this neighborhood.  Being home to a variety of cultures, people and architecture has earned Curtis Park “a spot on most ‘must-live neighborhood’ lists while also attracting enmity for gentrification,” says GiGi Sukin, Confluence Denver.  Locals take advantage of having RiNo and LoDo in their backyard with access to downtown businesses, restaurants, brewpubs, art galleries, coffee houses and locally owned shops with a convenient, swift ride on the Light Rail. “RiNo has a different feel and flavor than any other neighborhood in Denver. There are popular neighborhoods around town which make for a really great night life, really great arts and fine dining that’s more on the cutting-edge side,” Clem Rinehart, Treehouse Brokerage and Development. Discover what Downtown Denver has to offer.  http://www.downtowndenver.com/category/places

The Amenities
The features of S*Park are truly brilliant: thoughtfully developed with fundamental sustainability.  “For us, function creates the fashion or the lifestyle,” says Moore. Homes surround a unique, private central park, state-of-the-art-greenhouse, and underground parking. A sustainable design featuring solar panels and exterior brick reclaimed from Denver buildings add a touch as unique as the views of Downtown Denver.  With an underground parking lot, it’s about more than doing something different; it’s about safety and tranquility.   There are no roads or alleyways within S*Park, allowing for a safe place to roam outside while enjoying the quiet sounds of the evening. And, of course, Urban Farming and agriculture will be enhanced by having “an indoor greenhouse that will serve the neighborhood at large as well as the residents of our community,” Jonathan Alpert, S*Park Development Team.  We told you they were brilliant.

Bringing For-Sale Housing to the Community at Attainable Pricing
“It’s about offering a lifestyle that’s close to downtown, in the Curtis – RiNo Park neighborhood, that allows people to own their home, rather than continuing to rent,” says Rinehart, “We are really excited about bringing quality, for-sale property to the Denver area.” The master planned development offers modern town homes and 1-3-bedroom condos varying in size from 519 sq. ft. all the way up to 2,414 sq. ft. and prices starting in the high $200k. Treehouse is elated to be a part of this monumental real estate move in Denver.

It’s hard to put into words just how impressive S*Park will be and how it will positively influence neighborhoods, residents and communities in every direction.  S*Park offers the opportunity for residents to immerse themselves in the arts, lifestyle, culture and energy that is Denver.