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Union Station Update #57

Posted by Rick on April 1, 2011

With mid-July as the target for start-up of operations at the new mall shuttle station and the new light rail station, lots of activity is now concentrated on rebuilding Chestnut Place and building the loop for the shuttle. If you look carefully at the first photo below, which I took while standing at the bottom of the Millennium Bridge, you can see the  elevation differences that define Chestnut Place and the loop.

The next photo shows the first signs of backfilling dirt on the top of the bus terminal alongside Wewatta Street (top of the photo).  Construction vehicles are now routinely driving across that part of the roof.  You can also see that waterproofing material is being added to the center part of the roof that will carry Chestnut Place. Foundation and utility work for Chestnut Place has also been started on the 18th Street side of the bus terminal.

All seven skylights in the roof of the bus terminal have now been constructed and are visible in the following photo.

Here’s a close-up shot showing progress of the bus terminal entrance/exit ramp.  The floor of the ramp is complete and the walls are now being built.