University Denver: This Urban Neighborhood is MUCH More Than a College Town

December 12, 2016 / Posted in Denver, Downtown, Real Estate

university-denverThe University Denver neighborhood is a perfect blend of old style architecture with a palpable youthful ambiance due to the University situated here. Those looking for a fascinating place to live, seasoned with a mix of homes ranging from tiny bungalows to grand estates, to mid-century ranch style homes, love finding this attractive youthful vibe subconsciously blended with vintage building sensibilities.

Here you’ll find a delightful selection of coffeehouses, bars, unique shops and a wide variety of restaurants, artfully blended with open green park spaces, which give residents an abundance of recreational opportunities. Combine this with tempting sports and cultural events, and you have one of the most enchanting neighborhoods in Denver.

Diverse Selection of Restaurants Appeal to Many Tastes
Within the University Denver neighborhood, you’ll find a selection of fascinating restaurants. One of today’s biggest trends, fresh sushi restaurants, is represented here with Ginza Sushi and Grill. Mediterranean food aficionados will enjoy the Jerusalem Restaurant and Pete’s University Cafe for your choice of Greek, Mediterranean and American food. Fast food fans enjoy Mustard’s Last Stand, Pita Fresh and Tokyo Bowl.

Those looking for an adventurous gastro-pub experience find their Shangri-La at Asbury Provisions. For an authentic brewery experience, you can’t go wrong at Fermaentra, a delightful brewery with many exciting varieties of lagers, ales and brown beers.

Essential Elements Common to Great College Towns
Along with the traditional things that combine to create a great college town, like a huge selection of restaurants, bars, unique shopping venues, sports and performing arts scenes, you’ll find several other things that also comprise the definition of college town. Things like mixed-use development, smart growth, easy living standards and a sense of New Urbanism displayed through the implementation of walk-able neighborhoods, and renewable energy and recycling habits that keep the area environmentally friendly.

Parks and Green Spaces Create a Desirable Atmosphere in University Denver
Some of the University Denver area’s biggest attractions are the parks and green spaces. Spend an afternoon at Observatory Park with its variety of sights and landmarks visible from observation decks. Enjoy the sprawling tranquil green spaces and the two lakes of Washington Park, and thrill to the thousands of plant varieties and fascinating seasonal displays at Denver Botanic Gardens.

Performing Arts and Pulse Pounding Sports Opportunities
A cutting edge Performing Arts venue located at the University of Denver, the Newman Center of the Performing Arts, provides opportunities for theatrical presentations, music, shows, concerts and the availability of professional touring companies presenting classical performances. You’ll always be close to the trendiest cultural performances, along with traditional offerings like chamber music.

Enjoy pulse pounding performances by the Denver Pioneers during their basketball games, and other NCAA sports like soccer, ice hockey and lacrosse. Tennis, golf and swimming teams also compete to give you an exceptional variety of sports competitions to watch and cheer for.

Shopping in the University Denver Neighborhood
The main shopping attraction near the University Denver neighborhood is Cherry Creek Shopping Center with its 160 interesting shops. At least 40 of the shops are unique to the Denver area, making this a premiere place to find anything you might need. Anything from fashion to technology, to men’s and women’s clothing can be found in this convenient, one-stop shopping center.

The Urban Neighborhood that is MUCH More than a College Town
The University Denver neighborhood is full of its own special character, youthful energy and a charm that makes it attractive to a diverse population. The neighborhood’s diversity weaves a rich tapestry of fascination. People looking for a truly unique new home find it at University Denver.