Reader: If Cherry Creekers Want Independent Restaurants, Patronize Them!

June 06, 2016 / Posted in Condos

Yesterday Teague Bohlen posted his latest installment on neighborhoods in Denver, this time revealing what makes residents of Cherry Creek very, very mad. One of those things: lines outside the Cherry Cricket, one of the few independent restaurants left in the area. Says Nathan:

Having been involved with one of the independent restaurants that shuttered its doors because of revenue lost to the big-box places over the years, I have but one comment…If the people of Cherry Creek wanted the independent businesses to stick around, perhaps they should have patronized them.

Adds Shellie:

Who the hell actually wants to go hang out in Cherry Creek North? I could barely handle a burger and a beer at the Cricket before the pretentious and smug in the air got to me.

What do you think of the restaurants in Cherry Creek North? Will you still brave traffic and lines to get to the Cricket?